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Here you may find (or even upload) examples of using nemesis.


A pile under lateral loading

Initial geometry.
Deformed shape.

This example studies a pile subjected to a lateral loading.

The example consists of the main file pile[ns].dat followed by geometry files:

  1. pile[ns].dat
  2. pile[np].dat
  3. pile[nc].dat
  4. pile[es].dat
  5. pile[ep].dat

A pile raft

Initial geometry.
Deformed shape.

A dome-shaped lattice framework

Initial geometry (angle view).
Initial geometry (top view).
Initial geometry (side view).
Node 01.
Node 02.
Node 08.
Node 20.

A dome-shaped lattice framework described in the "Handbook of computational solid mechanics" by M.Kleiber<ref>M.Kleiber,"Handbook of computational solid mechanics",1998</ref>. Outer nodes are fixed and a nodal load is applied to node 1.

Timoshenko beam

Shear locking effects in Timoshenko beam.

Cantilever beam example, motivated by <ref>O.C. Zienkiewicz & R.L. Taylor, "The Finite Element Method for Solids and Structural Mechanics", 6th Edition, p307</ref>, demonstrating shear locking effects. Twenty elements are used for different span L to depth h ratios for a rectangular cross-section. The beams used are the Bernulli-Euler, a 2-node full integration (2 points) Timoshenko beam, a 2-node reduced integration (1 point) Timoshenko beam, a 3-node full integration (3 points) Timoshenko beam and a 3-node reduced integration (2 points) Timoshenko beam. The use of exact integration for the second one, leads to a solution which 'locks' as the beam becomes slender, whereas the reduced integration scheme shows no locking for the range plotted. The results are also given in the following table, where the example can be found here.

A thick cylinder

A thick cylinder under internal pressure using axial symmetry as found in <ref>C. Felippa, Advanced Finite Element Methods, Ch.12, p.15</ref>. The solid lines denote the original configuration.

A thick cylinder under internal pressure.

Examples from transient analyzes

Response of a uniaxial element under a sinusoidal load and different Rayleigh damping coefficients.

A series of examples including:



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